It was the best of times, it was the worst of times……  oh, sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Here’s information all well-informed members should have.  Pass it along, let your friends know, mention it in your meetings, whatever.  And be sure to tell them that all the information about the project, including the drawings we debuted last night, is on our website (For Members, Campus Development).

We have two construction projects in the works right now, one more or less immediate, the other in the early planning stages:

IMMEDIATE:  Cover the Drainage Ditch Project –> This project will be completed by June 2014.  The Metropolitan Sewer District of Buncombe County is replacing sewers around our campus and we expect to piggyback onto that project with one of our own.  We will be piping and covering the open drainage ditch that runs parallel to Bond Street behind Jefferson House.  The $85,000 or so that this will cost has already been set aside; no fundraising is necessary.  For more information, head to our website and click on the For Members tab and select Campus Development.

EARLY PLANNING STAGES:  The Welcome Project –>  We need a sign that uses our actual name and that people can read from the road.  We need new window well retaining walls.  We need to make our space welcoming to all, perhaps especially to those who have mobility issues.  We need better lighting and lighting controls in the Sanctuary.  These issues and a few others are addressed in the proposed Welcome Project.  We are showing 3-D drawings of the basic ideas and soliciting feedback right now.  The very preliminary cost for this project is $750,000 and will be funded by a capital campaign if the congregation wishes to pursue it.  For more information, visit our website and click on the For Members tab and select Campus Development.

Send your thoughts, comments, suggestions to me or any member of the Campus Development Committee:  Bill Agrella, Shel Altschul, Sonya Friedrich, Larry Holt, John Martin, Jerry McLellan, Bob Roepnack, Jim Samsel and Elizabeth Schell.  Contact information for all members and friends is available through MY INFO.