6:30 Vespers: Join Vespers leader Kelly Wedell in honoring Buddhist monk, peace activist, author, poet and teacher Thich Nhat Hahn.

7 PM Program – Listening Circle: come prepared to share your feedback on the draft report shared by the Racial Justice Advisory Council. If reading time is limited, focus on Sections 2 & 3. Facilitators: Ed Prestamon, Eleanor Lane

February Calendar 


Vespers Leader: Rev. Claudia 

Program: Listening Circles, Eleanor Lane and Melissa Murphy


Vespers Leader: Kelly Wedell

Program: Listening Circles,  Ed Prestemon and Eleanor Lane


Vespers Leader: Rev. Cathy – Mourning the Earth
Program: Spiritual Practices – Zentangle, Colleen Finegan*


Vespers Leader: Sharon LeDuc

Program: Widening the Circle Theme Talk, Rev. Claudia

*Supplies needed for Zentangles

1) Something to draw with: #2 pencil or Zentangle kit pencil

2) Something to draw on: Zentangle tiles available at Amazon or 4X4 pieces of white paper

3) Black Micron Pen .05.  (the .05 is very important- nothing larger)

Or very thin black sharpie type marker

4) Something to shade with: #2 pencil and Q-Tip NOTE: There are Zentangle kits available on Amazon. Some art stores sell them.