Vespers at 6:30pm: Widening the Circle led by Sharon LeDuc
Program at 7pm: Widening the Circle Theme Talk, led by Rev Claudia. Matters theme: Widening the Circle. We will explore what it means to “widen the circle” in our search for meaning. A few questions to consider for our time together:
Are you a circle maker, circle joiner or circle avoider?
When has someone “widening the circle” made a difference in your life?
Who needs you to “widen the circle” for them?

February Calendar 


Vespers Leader: Rev. Claudia 

Program: Listening Circles, Eleanor Lane and Melissa Murphy


Vespers Leader: Kelly Wedell

Program: Listening Circles,  Ed Prestemon and Eleanor Lane


Vespers Leader: Rev. Cathy – Mourning the Earth
Program: Spiritual Practices – Zentangle, Colleen Finegan*


Vespers Leader: Sharon LeDuc

Program: Widening the Circle Theme Talk, Rev. Claudia