What on earth is an Installation?

The relationship between a called Minister and a congregation is unique. It is a covenantal relationship, founded on the desire of both parties to share the work of ministry together. A congregation “calls” a minister to come serve with them, alongside them. To mark the start of that call and relationship, we Unitarian Universalists engage a ritual called “Installation.” A congregation “installs” its new minister in a celebration which includes lots of visiting clergy, singing, promises made, even gifts exchanged. The Installation, along with a Start Up weekend led by regional UUA staff, marks the heart of a new beginning between the Minister and congregation. 

This coming Sunday, November 5th, will be a big day. First: remember the time change – we get an extra hour of sleep, which we may need! We’ll have services here at 1 Edwin that morning, as we always do. Then at 5 PM at Warren Wilson College Chapel, we’ll have our Installation – with a reception to follow back here at 1 Edwin after. It will be a day and night to remember, and just the start of celebrations – the next weekend is the auction, and the weekend after that is our Start Up weekend, with a potluck dinner on Friday, November 17th at 6 PM to get us started. 

The members and friends of UU Asheville have so much energy and enthusiasm for what comes next. Let’s take November to really make the most of coming home to one another, celebrating new steps, and making big plans for where we want to go together. Can’t wait to see you in the coming days!

With love,

Rev. Audette