Finding Our Center

Welcome to the New Year and to this month’s Soul Matters theme: Finding Our Center. What centers you? Your faith? Values? Family? Artistic endeavors?

What practices center you? For some UUs labyrinth’s represent the journey to one’s center through meditative walking in community. Join us for a labyrinth walk January 22, 1PM after service. If you are attending service you may want to bring a bagged lunch. Finger labyrinths will also be available.

Source: Unsplash, Ashley Batz

Below are a few sample questions from our Soul Matters packets to begin your exploration of our monthly theme. 

What does “finding your center” mean to you?

What do you know now about “finding your center” that you didn’t when you were younger?

What metaphor or image best captures the idea of “finding your center”?

What kind of creativity helped you center as a child? (Coloring books? Music? Dancing? ….)

What was its gift? (Healing? Calm? Escape? ….)
What kind of creativity helps you center as an adult?

What are the values that central to who you are? 

If you are interested in being part of a Soul Matters Group please contact our co-coordinator Venny Zachritz. A new group will be launching this month. Also, if you are interested in participating in other Adult Faith Exploration (AFE) programs please fill out this survey from our AFE Planning Team.