Faith Development Explained

We look to the ideas of theologian John Westerhoff summarizing his theory of “how faith happens”[1]. He explains that faith is initially “caught,” like a cold, as children imitate their parents and the adults in church. Children learn: This is what we do. As children grow older, religion is “taught.” Children learn about history, traditions, rituals and other aspects of their faith and the community they are a part of. It is a time of belonging to a group. Children learn: This is what we believe and do.  Later, in adolescence questioning happens, faith is “sought.” It is a time of inquisitiveness and curiosity. Adolescents ask: Is this what I believe? So, faith is first caught, then taught, then sought and, in early adulthood…. faith is “bought.” After much searching and questioning the individual states: This is what I believe. And, throughout our lives that faith is “wrought” as we continue to learn, question and deepen our understanding of what gives meaning to our lives.

Faith Development is for everyone, and nearly anything can be an opportunity for Faith Development; programs, classes, hikes, soup-selling, bird-watching, worship…..  You get the idea.

Vespers + Program Now on Summer Hiatus

We’ll be taking the summer off but plan to be back in action in September.  Planning has already started.  Right now, we’re expecting this faith development opportunity to continue on Zoom next year.  See you in September!

Adult Faith Development Planning Team: John Bloomer, Kim Collins, Sherry Lundquist, Jim Steffe, Kelly Wedell, with staff liaison Rev. Claudia Jiménez.