Wow! Fifty People in the Sanctuary!

View of congregants in the 12/5 worship service, spread out

What 50 people looks like in the Sanctuary.

The Coming of Age class with their mentors.

Caroling around the new patio.






It’s not quite like the good ole days but it’s way closer than YouTube-watching.  Today was a great day with a “regular” worship service, a Coming of Age class meeting in Sandburg Hall, a lot of people sticking around for a bit of caroling, and then a trek down Charlotte Street to celebrate UU Asheville’s new BeLoved Street Pantry.

A link to register to attend the Sunday worship service starts showing up in the Monday Worship eNews and stays open until we get to 50.  There is a wait list because we’d like to see how much “demand” we have.  If you are a newcomer, sign up for our eNews announcements at the bottom of our home page.

The Gift of Waiting

Sunday, December 5, 2021 11am You/Tube 
Rev. Cathy Harrington, Interim Lead Minister
As the days grow shorter, we are eager for the solstice when light begins to grow again.  Christians observe Advent as waiting for the birth of Jesus, but non-Christians, Agnostics/Theists, Jews, and Humanists can view this time as waiting for the rebirth of love, justice and peace. We are all waiting for the pandemic to end. We are hoping for an end to the discordant in our nation’s politics.  In a novel I was reading recently, a Native American elder told the hero who was suffering from despair, “You can continue to walk with despair, but you can choose a different companion.”  How about hope or expectant waiting?