Vespers, Jan 27, 6:30 PM “Imagine That” & Program

When we talk about imagination, most of the time we seem to be imagining on a large scale.  How do we imagine “church” will look after COVID?  How do we imagine a non-racist world?  But we can also imagine at the personal level.  What if we imagined ALL the possibilities for our lives in the next 5 or 10 or 20 years, not just the logical, rational ones?  Who could we be? 

7PM Program: What is Theology?
We describe ourselves as a non-creedal religious community or faith tradition. Join us as we begin a series that explores the theological anchors of UUism.
Facilitator: Rev Claudia 


January – Imagination (Soul Matters Theme)

6       Vespers Leader: Rev. Claudia
Program: Theme Talk- Imagination, Rev. Claudia

13     Vespers Leader: Joyce Hooley-Gingrich
Program: Discerning Race/ Discerning Power, Facilitator: Mary Alm

20     Vespers Leader: Mary Ann Somervill, Sherry Lundquist
Program: Spiritual Practices: Paganism, Mary Ann Somervill, Sherry Lundquist

27     Vespers Leader: Linda Topp, “Can You Imagine?”
Program: Introduction to UU Theology, Rev Claudia

Nuke Your Dish Sponge

Kitchen sponges are moist and full of food particles—everything bacteria need to thrive. To keep your sponge “healthy,” microwave the damp sponge on high for one minute