Yearly Archives: 2019

The Long Goodbye (audio only)

Sunday, December 1, 2019
Rev. Iris Hardin
Dementia’s effects on memory impacts many of our lives and relationships in profound ways. Join us for worship on Sunday, December 1st, when we try to make meaning of the disease sometimes called “the long goodbye.”
Bio: Iris Hardin, MDiv, facilitates Advance Care Planning for the Mission Health System. Prior to relocating to Asheville in 2017 with her spouse Clyde, she worked in the Boston area as a Hospice and Palliative Care Chaplain and Bereavement Counselor.Click on title to continue.

Who, What Deserves Our Attention (audio only)

Sunday, November 24, 2019
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
In a world where so much shouts for attention, today we turn to people’s stories of hope gathered by our UU Service Committee that aren’t as loud as some but just as worthy. We will be invited to welcome these folks and many more like them as Guests at Our Table this holiday season.Click on title to continue

In Our Own Tongues (no audio or text available)

Sunday, November 17, 2019
Rev. Tamara Lebac, Guest Speaker
In the Hebrew scriptures, the story of the Tower of Babel, Yahweh separates the people into different languages to prevent them from becoming too powerful. What is the role of our similarities and differences related to our power? What are the differences that make a difference and keep us separated? Join me as we explore what these sources teach us about how to engage in our increasingly diverse church and world.
BIO: Tamara is a Unitarian Universalist minister who has served All Souls in Tulsa, West Shore UU in Rocky River, OH and First Unitarian Shaker Heights, OH. She is also a diversity trainer, certified executive coach, consultant and author. Tamara’s work is grounded in racial and restorative justice and the idea that our values should guide our priorities.

Worthy Now (no audio or text available)

Sunday, November 10, 2019
Rev. Meg Riley, Guest Minister
Almost 1100 incarcerated folks are proud members of the UU Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF), and they say regularly that Unitarian Universalism has saved their souls and their very lives. Why? What does UU faith look like when practiced by people who have very little control over their days, and why does it change lives? Come and be inspired by the faith journeys of incarcerated Unitarian Universalists. Their bodies are confined, but their faith is not.
Bio: Rev. Meg Riley is Senior Minister at the Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF), a global UU congregation without walls and behind walls. CLF reaches a diverse community of incarcerated and free world members who seek more contact with Unitarian Universalism in their lives. Prior to her current role, Riley served the UUA in a number of positions including directing the UUA’s Washington Office, GLBT Office, and Advocacy and Witness staff group. She is the founding director of the Standing on the Side of Love Campaign, and has represented UUs in dozens of coalitions and boards. Riley lives in Minneapolis, MN, with her human and animal family.

Kneading and Rising Together (audio only)

Sunday, November 3, 2019 9:15 & 11:15am
Rev. Claudia Jimenez, Minister of Faith Development
People around the world eat bread in all different shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Join us to explore stories some of you have shared about the mystery and beauty of breadmaking. What lessons can we learn by reflecting on this simple food which is part of many of our diets? Click on title to continue.

A Service of Remembrance (audio only)

Sunday, October 27, 2019 9:15 & 11:15am
Rev. Claudia Jimenez, Minister of Faith Development
Join us for our annual service to recall loved ones (human and otherwise) who are no longer with us. Please bring a picture or memento for our “All Souls Table” so we may all honor their memory.Click on title to continue.

Transformed by Forgiveness (audio and text)

Sunday, October 6, 9:15 & 11:15am
Rev. Claudia Jimenez, Minister of Faith Development
Forgiveness isn’t easy. It takes courage and vulnerability to forgive those who have hurt us. And yet the ability to do so can be transformative. Can we choose to cultivate love instead of hate in our hearts? Can we always forgive? Should we always forgive? Join us for an exploration of the complexities and possibilities of forgiveness. Click on title to continue.

Out and Proud-A Celebration (audio only)

Sunday, September 29, 2019, 9:15 & 11:15am
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
As part of honoring this weekend’s Pride Day festivities, our worship on Sunday will focus on the stories that tell how we came to be the congregation we are today, celebrating GLTBQ people as out and proud. Click on title to continue.