Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z….NO!  No snoring!  This is NOT going to be a boring presentation.  There will be slides with cute cartoons! There will be interesting information! Well, yeah, there will be numbers, too, but you’ll actually learn stuff about this congregation.


Have you ever heard the phrase, “Follow the money?” Turns out that people in the know have figured out that if they understand how an organization gets and spends money, they understand quite a bit about that organization.  That’s the reason there are people who WANT to be part of the Finance Advisory Committee.

But I digress….. 

At the budget hearing you will be privileged to receive the detailed budget of the congregation.  A one-page summary budget with notes is distributed for the annual meeting, but budget-hearing attendees get “the big one!”  I’ll go over the details of our income projections and expense expectations, and then I’ll give you a little more information on what we’re planning to do with the money we will be receiving from the UUA Legacy Challenge program (Wake Now My Vision) that our Legacy Circle Committee was so successful at executing (yay team!!).  The entire meeting takes less than an hour (I think I remember that correctly) so you might want to make sure you have a snack so you can last until 1:30. 

I admit that there are no surprises in this budget, but still, it would sure be nice to see you there.  We usually have 40-50 attendees, but that’s just 10% of our membership.  How about if we try for 25%?  See you there!?!

Linda Topp, Director of Administration