Working to End Racism

In June 2016, our congregation voted to support the Black Lives Matter movement by committing to educate ourselves about and deepening our understanding of white privilege and oppressive systems. We also committed to partner with local organizations to “harness the power of love to combat racism and oppression at all levels within our communities.”

UUCA Anti-Racism Group Action: get involved!

UUCA Weekly Anti-Racism Group (Get Woke/Stay Woke): Fridays, 10-noon at 23 Edwin. A weekly space for people to gather and share personal feelings relating to confronting white supremacy and privilege within themselves and community and working to support the movement for Black Lives.

Visit our Anti-Racism Group Action Facebook page to find out what’s happening right now!

Ask to join the weekly group email listing anti-racism activities at UUCA and in greater Asheville:

Educate Yourself!

HERE are resources developed by our congregation to prepare us for racial justice work.

HERE are resources to reflect on this subject developed by Soul Matters, a Unitarian Universalist program for small groups in which our congregation participates.

Click HERE to read the full text of the resolution adopted by the congregation.

HERE is the Action of Immediate Witness to Support the Black Lives Matter movement that was passed by the delegates to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly in 2015.