The theme for May is BLESSING.

A Soul Matters facilitator writes, “I guess after plan A fails, I need to remember there’s a whole alphabet.”

It’s not just our friend who needs help remembering, “there’s a whole alphabet” out there; it’s all of us. We all get stuck in wanting things a certain way. We all, at times, focus so intently on the few things going wrong that we completely miss the dozens of things that are going right. Tunnel vision too often takes over our days. Continue reading…

First Thoughts:

Definition: a beneficial thing for which one is grateful; something that brings well-being; a person’s sanction or support.
Synonyms: gift, good fortune, miracle, grace (as in, a prayer before meals), protection, favor, benediction

Wise Words:

It’s hardest to love the ordinary things, she said, but you get lots of opportunities to practice. ~Brian Andreas

You must answer this question:
What will you do with your gifts?
Choose to bless the world. ~Rebecca Ann Parker

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