The Scoop: Joy Berry Hits the Big-Time!

Scoop-GPX-webThere are more than a dozen blogs on the UUA website, all designed to provide  information and resources to member congregations and help Unitarian Universalists connect with their faith online. One of these is the Call and Response blog of the UUA’s Faith Development Office. The June 25 post to that blog is written by our own Director of Lifespan Religious Education Joy Berry. She does a great job of explaining the context of UUCA’s new Makerspace summer RE classes for our children. If you’ve been involved in our children’s classes this summer, you know they are full of energy, fun and accomplishment as they work on several active, hands-on projects on campus. Well, turns out lots of folks who are interested in faith development are interested in Joy’s blog. In the past week, her blog has had nearly double the “looks” than is the norm for Call and Response posts. Way to go, Joy! You’re making UUCA a leader in best practices for religious education programming!

Here’s her blog post:

    Ask adults what they remember from Sunday School and you’ll hear memories of doing. That convinces me that religious education (RE) should be as hands-on, innovative, and creative as possible. Like Makerspaces. 

    Around the country, “Maker Culture” is developing. Communities, libraries, and schools have installed “Makerspaces” that encourage kids to design, collaborate, and create…. But can we do that in RE? I think we have to. William Ellery Channing said, “The great end in religious education is not to stamp our minds upon the young, but to stir up their own.” Perhaps the best way to do that is to hand them tools now and give them the opportunity to grow knowledge and skills, becoming problem-solvers who really can change the world. But is it faith development? Does it reflect and teach our theology? Keep reading…