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Sermon: Hope in the Darkness (text & audio)

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper
How can I possibly begin this sermon? What is there that I could say to you this morning that wouldn’t sound and feel tinny and hollow?

If you didn’t happen to see the enews this week, you may not know that today’s topic has changed. The sermon title is the same, “Hope in the Darkness,” but instead of focusing on the season of Advent, I will be focusing on racism and recent events across the country. Click on the sermon title to continue reading and/or to listen…

After Ferguson: Entering the Wilderness (audio)

Taryn Strauss, Guest Speaker
Our only Universalist miracle story, that of the Rev. John Murray and the winds of change, begins with the extreme discomfort of a man steeped in doubt and personal loss. In the book of Numbers, Moses faces severe doubt that he can care for his people after bringing them into the Wilderness. Each of us works to find comfort, a sense of safety and protection from danger, but that keeps us out of the wilderness. What can the wilderness teach us? Click on the title to listen to the sermon.

Photo credit: theglobalpanorama / Foter / CC BY-SA