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This we know: Unitarian Universalism calls us to be faithful doubters. Be cautious, says our tradition. Do not automatically believe what you’ve been told, especially when someone asks you to believe it based on their authority. Test it. Put it through the fire of your own experience, your precious power to reason and the gift of the scientific method. Click on the title (FAITH) to continue reading…

A Faith for the Few? (text & audio)

Rev. Mark Ward
I am learning that I need to be careful of the topics I choose for worship, lest I be given lessons I’d just as soon not have. This week is a good example. As I began mulling over how I would address the topic of class this Sunday, I promptly lost my wallet. Actually, it turned out it wasn’t lost – thanks to a reminder from my wife, Debbie, I discovered it eventually in a coat pocket. But for a good hour or so Monday morning I was tearing around frantically, convinced that it was gone. What would I do now?