Immigration Justice

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) has made a commitment on a national level to support undocumented and other immigrants. Members of UUCA have begun to take initiative in this area, working with local community partners to advocate for the undocumented community here in Western NC.

Sanctuary Discernment In Process

Beginning in the spring of 2017, our congregation has been exploring the possibility of providing physical sanctuary (or a safe living space) for a person or persons at risk of immediate deportation. We have been working within the larger WNC Sanctuary movement and educating ourselves about the logistics, resources, and risks involved with this work. The UUCA Board has tasked the Sanctuary Working Group with putting together a feasibility study to answer related questions to taking this step. Town hall meetings have been held on a monthly basis to provide space for congregants to ask questions and get updates about the Sanctuary Working Group’s progress.

A Congregational Meeting will take place on Sunday, October 29 at 4pm to vote on this issue.

CLICK HERE TO READ the Sanctuary Working Group’s full report.

Below are links to other online resources you may find of interest.

If you are seeking specific information related to immigration justice that is not covered here, please contact Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper.