Responsibilities of Membership

Participate in the Life of the Congregation
Communal worship is extremely important. Attend services regularly, and come to congregational meetings. Through participation you are knit into the fabric of this fellowship and give life to the reason you decided to become a Member.

Work on Your Spiritual Development
We believe that each of us is capable of discovering religious truth as it is revealed to us in our lives and within our community. We each take responsibility for our own spiritual well being with the support of the congregation.

Serve the Church
Use your talents and interests to serve the congregation. We need hands, hearts and minds. That means sharing the work, doing the chores, and joining committees. We cannot succeed in our mission without your involvement.

Pledge at a Stewardship Level
The financial support of our congregation comes primarily from the generosity of our Members. Our congregation pays directly for staff salaries and benefits, building maintenance and renovation, and program expenses. You are asked to make a written financial commitment, an annual pledge. This is necessary so that the Board of Trustees can develop a responsible financial plan for the coming year and bring it to the congregation for approval. Contact the office for a copy of the current year’s Financial Commitment Form.

Serve Others
We commit our faith to action and demonstrate through our service to others what we say with our mouths. The congregation is actively engaged in a number of social causes however there are many opportunities in each of our lives for outreach to others. Acts of caring are an essential part of belonging to a faith community.

Connect to the Wider Unitarian Universalist Movement
We encourage you to become involved at deeper levels in the Unitarian Universalist movement. As a Member you will receive the UU World magazine.

Honor and Celebrate Diversity
Our UUCA community seeks and celebrates diversity, inclusive of all ages, colors, sexual orientations, abilities, and classes.