Our Mission

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As a Unitarian Universalist faith community, we nurture individual search for meaning as we work together for freedom, justice and love.

Our Core Values

Connection, Inspiration, Compassion, and Justice express who we are and guide what we do.

Our Covenant

Recognizing we are individuals who need one another, we nurture individual search for meaning as we work together for freedom, justice and love.

We promise to:

  • Share the ministry of our congregation through our gifts of time, talent and money;
  • Care for and support each other;
  • Celebrate our intentional diversity with joy and gratitude;
  • Attend to our differences with openness, compassion and trust;
  • Create healing by listening and speaking in the spirit of love;
  • Be steadfast in support of our community in times of disagreement;
  • Strive to live our Unitarian Universalist principles and congregational mission.

Our life together declares that the future of each depends on the good of all and the future of all depends on the good of each.

Our Ends Statements

Within Each Congregant: We Seek

Embrace principles, values and practices which explore the sacred in the world and the mystery of existence.

Gather together in worship which guides and sustains our individual and communal response to the sacred through multifaceted creative, artistic and musical experiences.

Among the Congregants: We Care

Feel welcome and connected with each other.

Share generously of our personal resources of time, talent, and money.

Honor and support each other in times of celebration and need.

Beyond our Congregation: We Work

Act meaningfully and visibly in community service, advocacy and education.

Serve as a beacon of liberal religious thought and action.

Offer our space for events which serve a varied audience and inspire community dialogue.

Partner with other congregations and organizations in support of shared objectives.