Auction GALA 2018


Saturday, November 3, 2018, 5-9pm

The Asheville Event Centre (same as last year)

291 Sweeten Creek Road

Buy $20 tickets by visiting the Auction Table on Sunday or contacting Ann McLellan or submitting this form with your payment to the Auction Table on Sunday mornings or the church office anytime.

                                                           ALL DONATIONS NEED TO BE IN BY OCTOBER 1.

We need your donations of “things to do.”
Here are some ideas.  Be creative.  Be clever.  Be generous.  Be timely.
We need donations from local businesses by October 1.
You can help by soliciting donations from your favorite shopkeepers and service providers.
Here’s what you need in order to do that:
The form to explain the request and hand to your business contact.
How a donor benefits from supporting our auction.