2017 Auction: The Things You Do

Saturday, November 11, 2017, 5-8pm

The Asheville Event Centre (same as last year)

291 Sweeten Creek Road


Right now there are two things you can do to make this our best auction ever:

  1. Come up with one or more Things to Do that you will donate for the auction.
  2. Contact businesses for donations of certificates for Things to Do.

For #1, check out the bulletin board at the back of Sandburg Hall for ideas.  Turn in a form for each donation.

For #2, below these hints are links for everything you need to solicit auction donations from local businesses:

Hints and requests from Judith Kaufman, Auction Committee Donation Chair:
  • Please let me know if you or any of your contacts plan to approach a particular business. We don’t want a business to be approached by more than one person. I track who is doing what and can let you know if you might be duplicating efforts.
  • I can also let you know if we already have photos in our files for the business you plan to solicit.
  • When you get a donation, please let both Ann McLellan and me know of your success and what was donated so that we can implement organizational and publicity steps.
  • When you get a donation, please ask for a photo or logo of the business (if we don’t already have one) for use in the silent auction and slide show.
  • To save yourself time and repeat visits, ask the donor to complete the Donation to Auction 2017 form while you wait.
Go forth and do good work. Thanks for your efforts!   ~Judith


Have any questions, suggestions?  Contact Judith Kaufman.