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February 2017 Theme What Does It Mean To Be A Community of Identity? Afraid that our inner light will be extinguished or our inner darkness exposed, we hide our true identities from each other. In the process, we become separated from our own souls. We end up living divided lives, so far removed from the truth
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What Does it Mean to be a Community of Prophecy?

Our times ask us to exercise our capacity for prophetic witness, by Prophetic witness I mean our capacity to see what is happening, to say what is happening and to act in accordance with what we know…. Prophetic witness …is the ability to name those places where we resist knowing what needs to be known. -Rebecca Parker, UU theologian and minister. Click on title to continue.


The theme for September is Covenant “A covenant is a living, breathing aspiration, made new every day.” Rev. Victoria Safford What Does it Mean to be a Community of Covenant? Covenant is one of those words that can initially sound kind of stuffy, academic and out-of-date. But when you unpack its meaning and its practices, covenant holds
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A Soul Matters facilitator writes, “I guess after plan A fails, I need to remember there’s a whole alphabet.”

It’s not just our friend who needs help remembering, “there’s a whole alphabet” out there; it’s all of us. We all get stuck in wanting things a certain way. We all, at times, focus so intently on the few things going wrong that we completely miss the dozens of things that are going right. Tunnel vision too often takes over our days. Click on the title (BLESSING) to continue reading…


Creativity is simply our ability to dream things up and make them happen. ~Peggy Taylor

Amen. It is about dreaming and imagination. It is about being able to envision what others haven’t. It is about noticing connections that haven’t been drawn. Even connections between us and the earth, and us and each other. To be a people of creation is indeed to dream the “not yet.
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Is it possible that this month is really about heartbreak? We may be able to indulge some desires without much cost, but we are fooling ourselves if we think we can pursue spiritual desires without suffering a broken heart. The desire for a better world. The hunger for deep connection. The longing to actualize our full potential. Leaning into these desires is to let yourself care deeply for what can’t ever be fully attained. When it comes to the most beautiful and noble of our desires, it’s all about loving and pursuing that which will always be out of reach. Click on the title (DESIRE) to continue reading…


Yes, this month’s theme is among the most complex of them all. But it also may be the most simple. The complexity is clear: Sometimes being a people of resistance involves struggle and requires us to disobey; other times it asks us to just be ourselves and not hide who we really are. Sometimes it involves defeating the enemy; other times it is a matter of noticing that treating them as the enemy defeats us all. Click on the title (RESISTANCE) to continue reading…


Pray for our expectations to be turned on their heads? Give us tears when we expect to be fed? Give us wild obligations when we expect congratulations? Turn us sideways? You want us to pray for this? Hope for this? That’s a bit nuts! And a bit UU. Click on the title (EXPECTATION) to continue reading…