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What Are We Missing? (no audio or text available)

Sunday, August 5, 10am -Single Service
Chris Highland, Guest Speaker
With stories from his years of chaplaincy in jails, streets and a private school, his journey from faith to freethinking, and his deep delight in Nature, Chris will present central questions that awaken curiosity for both secular and spiritual people.

Chris Highland teaches classes on Freethought at the UNCA Reuter Center and writes the weekly “Highland Views” columns for the Asheville Citizen-Times. Now a humanist celebrant, he was an interfaith chaplain in jails and on streets in the San Francisco Bay area for decades. His new book, A Freethinker’s Gospel, will be published by Pisgah Press this fall. Chris and his wife, Carol, a Presbyterian minister, live in North Asheville.

Walking With Ralph Waldo Emerson (no audio or text)

Sunday, July 22, 10am -Single Service
Julianne Lepp, Guest Minister
Walking in the path of Ralph Waldo Emerson, we encounter a great writer and theologian, a literary and social influence on national culture, a proponent of direct religious experience in nature and one of our most famous Unitarian forbears. Emerson wrote prolifically through many trials of grief and through his life experiences. What can we learn by walking with Emerson?

Sanctuary Everywhere (audio & text)

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Rev. Mark Ward Ward
Last fall we committed to opening our campus and our hearts to immigrants in need of safe space. Following through on that has shown us what a difference our promises can make. But an island of safety in a world of hurt is only a start. What would it mean for us to commit to helping to create sanctuary not only here but everywhere? ( click on title to continue)

The Living Should Take This to Heart (no audio or text available)

Sunday, July 8, 2018 10am
Rev. Jennifer Ryu
In a section of the Hebrew Bible called Ecclesiastes, we find these words: “It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting.” Today’s guest preacher has been ministering in the “house of mourning” for the past two years as a hospital and oncology chaplain. She shares her reflections about spiritual resiliency and the persistence of hope.

Rev. Jennifer Ryu has been ministering in the “house of mourning” for the past two years as a hospital and oncology chaplain. She previously served the UU congregation in Williamsburg, VA for 10 years.

UU Revival? (no audio or text available)

Sunday, July 1, 2018
Bill Williamson, Guest Minister
What does it mean to be a part of a Living Faith? How do we Revise, Renew, and Revive our shared tradition?

William (Bill) Williamson grew up here at UUCA. After leaving western North Carolina, Bill went to Centre College where he graduated with a degree in Psychology and Religion. Taking a year off before Divinity School, he worked as a Wilderness Therapy Field Guide. Last May he graduated and now works as the Intern Minister at First Parish in Cambridge, MA

To Bless and Be Blessed (audio & text)

Sunday, June 17, 10am
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
As we close out an eventful church year, let us join in a practice that reminds us of our mutual care and concern, that holds us as a community as we move into the future: let us learn to bless and be blessed. Click on title to continue.