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Service: Compassionate Father: Reclaiming the Mystical Divine Masculine (no audio or text)

June 18, 2017 10am
Rabbi Justin Goldstein
In honor of Father’s Day, we will reflect on the attributes and characteristics of the Divine
Masculine in the Jewish mystical tradition and explore ways every one of us can find opportunities to explore and embody these traits.
Rabbi Justin Goldstein has served Congregation Beth Israel since 2014. Deeply committed to pluralism and egalitarianism in all forms, Justin is proud to be a fellow with Rabbis Without Borders and was recently named one of the Most Inspiring Rabbis of 2016 by the historic newspaper, The Jewish Daily Forward.

Sermon: Love and Courage

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper
June 11, 2017 10am
When it feels like the world is falling down around you, globally, locally, or personally, it’s hard to find moments of joy, let alone stay connected to optimism and hope for the long haul. The famous quote, ‘Give them, not hell, but hope and courage,’ though mistakenly attributed to 18th century Universalist John Murray (it was likely a loose paraphrase), is a core value of ours.

Service: Music Sunday (audio only)

Sunday, June 4, 2017 10am
Dr. Leslie Downs
Our annual Music Sunday will feature an eclectic mix of music presented by our choir and other talented musicians from our UUCA community. Following this single service will be our Annual Meeting, where we will approve our budget and elect congregational leaders. click on the title to continue.

Sermon: Love’s Hands and Feet (audio only)

Rev. Duncan Teague, Guest Minister
Love’s Hands and Feet
Is it possible for people who crave rationale process and clearly articulated arguments to embrace the principle of ‘Embodiment’. Our guest, Rev. Duncan Teague, founding minister of the Abundant LUUv Unitarian Universalist Ministry in Atlanta says loudly, ‘YES’. This morning he presents his belief that we must embody what we believe and he dares to claim that what we believe in is love that moves and acts. Click on title to continue.

Service: What I Set My Heart to: Coming of Age Credo Ceremony

Sunday, May 21, 2017
Joy Berry, Director of Life Span Religious Education
Our human ancestors had traditions and rituals to help mark the time of Coming of Age. Even in our world today, our youth face challenges that are made easier by their participation in an intentionally created time of preparation, centering, introspection, deep connections with peers, and mentorship. Our ninth and 10th graders have been engaged in just such a process this year. On May 21, they will present their creative statements to the congregation in a Credo Service – one of our most beloved UU traditions.

Sermon: Every Parent’s Child (Audio only)

Sunday, May, 14, 9:15 & 11:15
Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper, Associate Minister
Every Parent’s Child
Inspired by Ella’s Song, this Mother’s Day we will reflect together on the experience of nurturing children in today’s world. How does our faith call us to support one another as we fear for the safety of our beloved children and youth? This work belongs to the whole community, not just parents. There is room for all in this circle of care: Parents of all sorts, roles and genders. Parents who grieve the loss of a child, and those who wished with their whole heart to parent. Parents who birthed their children and those who did not. There is room for all. May we choose faith over fear. Click on title to continue..

Sermon: Flesh, Blood, Breath, Bones, and Stories (text & audio)

Sunday, May 7, 2017
Rev. Guy Sayles, Guest Minister
Our speaker will offer reflections on how his own journey with illness was an intensive course in embodiment.
Guy Sayles is assistant professor of religion at Mars Hill University, after four decades in pastoral ministry, most recently at First Baptist Church of Asheville. His education includes doctoral studies at Candler School of Theology of Emory University. He blogs on the intersections of faith, meaning, and culture at Click on title to continue.

Sermon: Spiritual Survival (audio and text)

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper
Spiritual Survival
The book Deep Survival explores why some people survive trauma and crisis, and others don’t. So many people live in ongoing crisis, and the role of spiritual community is to support life and wholeness. What can we learn from the science of survival, and how does it dovetail with our spiritual lives? Click on title to continue.

Sermon: What is Required ll (audio and text)

Sunday, April 16, 2017
Rev. mark Ward, Lead Minister
What is required of us and our movement to make it the agent of change that it hopes to be? I asked this question last fall from the perspective of our Universalist heritage. This week I’ll ask the same question from our Unitarian side, centering on a ritual that is unique to this heritage, the Flower Ceremony. So, please bring a flower next Sunday to be part of our congregational bouquet.
The Flower Ceremony is a ritual that originated in our Unitarian heritage, a moment to honor the beauty and integrity of every person as well as the amazing diversity of belief, origin and identity of people represented in our faith tradition. At its center is a bouquet that we as a congregation create during worship made up of flowers that we bring to worship. So, please plan to bring a flower with you when you come to worship Sunday. It can be as showy or as humble as you like – a roadside wildflower is as welcome as the showiest rose. See you Sunday! Click on title to continue.

Sermon: Catching Fire

Sunday, April 2, 2017
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
Our life together as a religious community has one central goal: change. But how does that happen? How do we grow spiritually? How do we awaken to a deeper understanding of who we are and our duties to one another and Earth? How do we become agents of justice, compassion and liberation? How, indeed? Click on the title to continue.