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Sermon: Practice, Practice (audio and text)

September 17, 2017
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
The old saw about how you get to Carnegie Hall has much the same answer as the question, what is the path to spiritual maturity: Practice, Practice. Today we’ll explore what kinds of practices we should consider adopting to life a spiritually satisfying life. Click on title to continue.

Sermon: You Who Loves Lovers, This is Your Home, Welcome! (audio & text)

Sunday, September 10,
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
As they so often are, the words of the Sufi master Rumi are over the top, almost nonsensical: “you that love lovers,” what’s that supposed to mean? It is his way of pointing us to truths that, due to fear, shame, shyness and more, lie unanswered in our hearts. So, we begin our fall worship season in a spirit of welcome, opening the door to some of those truths.Click on title to continue.

Shall We Be Sanctuary

It was last March that we at UUCA hosted a gathering of hundreds of people who took part in a peaceful march in Asheville in support of undocumented immigrants and in protest of accelerating arrests and deportations that were tearing apart people’s lives. Ever since then many of our members have been in conversation about
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Sermon: A Few of My Favorite Things (audio only)

Sunday, September 3, 2017
Rev. Jeff Jones, Guest Minister
Downsizing is often seen as a rite-of-passage as we get older. But what if living with fewer material possessions was a way of life? And as I will suggest in my sermon, material clutter is not the only baggage we might carry with us in life. Click on the title to continue.

Sermon: Back to the Source (audio only)

August 27, 2017, 10am
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
As we in Asheville enjoy one of our wettest years in some time, remember to bring special water that you have collected from around the work or in your backyard to our annual multigenerational Water Service. This year as a special surprise, we have heard that the Water Spirits will be joining us. The who? The Water Spirits! Come and see…and bring your water. click on title to continue.

Sermon: In the Midst of It All (audio & text)

Sunday, August 20,10am
Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper, Associate Minister
These days, it feels like everything around us is changing so fast we can’t keep up. At the same time, here at church, we continue to clarify our values & purpose. We are in the middle of a great deal of change in this community. How do we stay on track, optimize our efficiency, and keep ourselves grounded and focused? No guarantee that you’ll find an answer in this sermon, but there will be helpful tools and strategies shared. Click on title to continue.

Service: An Awakening: What Oliver Sacks Teaches About Life, Love, and Gratitude (audio only)

Sharon VanDyke, Worship Leader
Oliver Sacks was a brilliant British neurologist, whose writings about the brain and human consciousness touched the lives of his readers in ways deep and profound. His case studies were published in books with titles like ‘The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat,’ and his work served as in inspiration for opera, theatre, even Hollywood. There is an element of the sacred in Science, and Oliver Sacks nailed it every time. In this service, we will explore his life and focus on his last book, simply entitled Gratitude, which allows a glimpse into the mind of a brilliant mind at the end of life. Bring tissues. Click on title to continue.

Sermon: Breaking, Broken, Healing, Whole (audio only)

Rev. Erika Hewitt, Guest Speaker
What does Unitarian Universalism say about brokenness (pain, suffering, injustice) and wholeness (reconciliation, peace, health)? If you examine different religious traditions, you’ll be surprised by what you find… and you’ll discover reasons to be proud, comforted, and enlivened by our UU theology — especially as it relates to justice.
Rev. Erika Hewitt divides her ministry between a small parish on the coast of Maine, a large number of weddings, and the UUA’s WorshipWeb, which Erika oversees. click on title to continue.