Yearly Archives: 2018

Together We Weave the World (audio only)

Sunday, November 11, 2018
Rev. Claudia Jimenez, Minister of Faith Development and Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
We are all called. The call comes from everywhere; from the past, the present, and the future. We are called by our ancestors, our children, and those who are yet to come to weave our lives together to continue the work of love and justice. We are called to weave a world of justice, peace, and beauty. Please plan to bring a photo of an ancestor of yours for us to honor on our Altar of Memory in the service.

Todos somos llamados. El llamado viene de todos lados; del pasado, del presente y del futuro. Nos llaman nuestros antepasados, nuestros niños, y los que aún no son a tejer nuestras vidas jun-tos para continuar el trabajo del amor y la justicia. Somos llamados a tejer un mundo de justicia, paz y belleza. Les invitamosa que traigan una foto de un antepasado suyo para honrar su memoria. Click on the title to continue.

And Now What? (audio & text)

Sunday, November 4, 2018
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
We come to the end of another election season divided, frazzled and frustrated. What gift can we bring as a religious community to the healing and renewal of our nation? Click on title to continue.

Deeper Than the Skin (no audio or text)

Sunday, October 28
Greg Greenway, Guest Artist
Deeper Than The Skin is the phrase that Greg Greenway and his friend of 30 years, Reggie Harris, came up with to describe their relationship. Born three days apart and from two different cultures – one white, one African-American – they met on separate paths through the same geographic portal, Richmond, VA. This service tells the story of their lives through the lens of Greg’s southern upbringing and his journey to Unitarian Universalism. How do we come together? Where do we start? How do we reach beyond our comfort zone? The unadorned truth is our most powerful guide.

Bio: Greg Greenway, a folk musician who has toured solo internationally and released eight solo CDs, is one-third of the musical group Brother Sun, which has performed at the UU General Assembly and many years at the Southeast UU Summer Institute.

The Heart of Sanctuary (text only)

Sunday, October 21, 2018
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
The work of being sanctuary invites us to open our hearts in sometimes challenging ways. This week we’ll explore some of the strategies that guide us into this space. Click on the title to continue.

The Sanctuary of Certainty (audio only)

Sunday, October 14, 2018
Rev. Claudia Jiménez, Minister of Faith Development
Throughout our lives, we often dislodge some of the certainties we embraced. This Sunday, during our whole church service, we explore how certainty in our beliefs can provide refuge during difficult times as well keep us from being open to new ideas or experiences. As you prepare for Sunday worship you are invited to consider some of the “used-to-thinks” from your childhood and adulthood. Click on the title to continue.

Expanding Circles of Compassion (video)

Sunday, October 7, 2018
Rev. Michael Dowd, Guest Speaker
In these challenging times, this service will explore some of the ways we can widen our circles and so create greater compassion in the world.
Rev. Michael Dowd is a former pastor and author of the book “Thank God for Evolution.”Click on title to continue.

What Hope Looks LIke (audio & text)

Sunday, September 23, 2018
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
In discouraging times we look for a source of hope. This week we turn to a historical figure from our Universalist history, the teacher, preacher and activist Clarence Skinner, who served in the perilous first half of the 20th century, for some thoughts about what hope looks like. Click on title to continue.

A Vision for Faith Development (audio only)

Sunday, September 16
Rev. Claudia Jiménez,
We will explore two questions and their importance to our UUCA community: What is faith development? How does a non-creedal faith engage in faith development? Rev. Jiménez will share her vision for how faith development grounds us in our ability to live out our core values of connection, inspiration, compassion, and justice. Click on title to continue.

I Can See Clearly (audio only)

Sunday, September 9, 2019
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
So much obscures our sight that we can be easily lost. Today as we begin our fall worship season we celebrate how religious community can clear our vision and awaken us to lives of compassion and hope. Click on title to continue.