Yearly Archives: 2017

Sermon: Is Waiting the Hardest Part (audio only)

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper
Is Waiting the Hardest Part?
The Angel Gabriel said to Mary, “Do not be afraid.” And she wasn’t. Or so the story goes. Advent is a time of waiting and preparation, a journey of the soul. Whatever it is we seek, wherever we may travel, waiting is part of the process.Click on title to continue.

Sermon: Digging Back In (audio & text)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
Digging Back In
While Americans struggle with division and disparity, some people are finding hope with renewed interest in the case for progressive government that puts the common good first. It’s time to dig back in. Click on title to continue.

Sermon: Walden- A UU Celebration

Walden-A UU Celebration
Gordon Clark, Narrator
Henry David Thoreau was the perfect back-to-nature preservationist and anti-business protester; a crank and a hermit saint. He was avidly anti-slavery and avidly pro-nature. Often dismissed during his lifetime, today he has become the revered patron of ecology and non-violent civil disobedience. Thoreau’s writings of the 1840s remain astonishingly prescient and imaginative today. We will dive deeply into this amazing work, using a delivery created by our congregant Clark Olsen and featuring the music of Thoreau’s contemporary Franz Peter Schubert.

Sermon: Finding Our Voices (audio only)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
Finding one’s voice is challenging these days, especially if that voice is marginalized in our culture. We Unitarian Universalists do our best to make room for every voice, but we, too, fall short. Today we’ll turn to some voices in our midst that invite us to listen a little better, a little. Click on title to continue.

Sermon: Centering the Soul (audio and text)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
The Trappist monk Thomas Merton once declared that there is in us “a hidden wholeness.” It’s a notion that resounds with us as well, though we puzzle over just what that might be. We’ll play with this idea, what awakening it offers us, and how might we come to know it. click on title to continue.

Sermon: Heretics & Reformers (audio only)

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper, Associate Minister
Unitarian Universalism’s current religious pluralism has roots in heresy & reform throughout the centuries. In honor of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, which kicked off the Protestant Reformation, we’ll explore how we are connected to reform movements of the past, and how we are continually reforming today.

Sermon: Who Is In My Circle? A Service of Remembrance and Hope

Some of the hardest work in our lives is deciding where we draw the circle of our concern. We begin with our family, sure, but how much wider? This season of turning reminds us that for people who were dear to us, even when they die they stay with us in important ways. Our newly formed Covenant of UU Pagans will help us celebrate.
But, who else do we include? Later this Sunday, our congregation will vote on whether to offer sanctuary to people in Asheville facing what they consider unfair deportation from their homes and families. So, who’s in our circle? Click on title to continue.

Presentation: Los Desaparecidos-The Disappeared Ones (audio only)

Sunday, October 22, 9:15 & 11:15am
Joe Jencks, Guest Presenter
Too often, the experience of Military Veterans is overlooked in conversations of social justice. In our struggle to challenge an exploitive system while honoring the sacrifice of individuals within that system many disappear from our consciousness. But, veteran’s justice is social justice. And as a society, we need to figure out how to help our friends, family members, and neighbors heal – not just from the physical injuries of war and violence, but also from the moral injuries that many endure during military service. Today’s service will take us on a journey in song and story through one community’s efforts to use the arts to help heal moral and spiritual injuries, and honor the lived experience of their neighbors.
Joe Jencks is an 18-year veteran of the international folk circuit, an award-winning songwriter, and celebrated vocalist based in Chicago. Merging conservatory training with his Irish roots and working-class upbringing, Joe delivers engaged musical narratives filled with heart, soul, groove and grit. HE is also co-founder of the harmony trio, Brother Sun.Click on title to continue.

Sermon: Blessing of the Animals (audio only)

October 15, 2017
Blessing of the Animals
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
Animals are deeply woven into our lives, from the pets in our homes to the dinner on our plates to the wild creatures of field, sky, and seas. Today, we celebrate and bless them all and how they connect us all to our own animal nature. We invite you to bring your pets to be blessed, or if you animal friend is no longer with you or too shy for a crowd, or your love is for untamed creatures, bring a photo, or representation, or war a t-shirt or other token of your love. Click on title to continue.