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A Soul Matters facilitator writes, “I guess after plan A fails, I need to remember there’s a whole alphabet.”

It’s not just our friend who needs help remembering, “there’s a whole alphabet” out there; it’s all of us. We all get stuck in wanting things a certain way. We all, at times, focus so intently on the few things going wrong that we completely miss the dozens of things that are going right. Tunnel vision too often takes over our days. Click on the title (BLESSING) to continue reading…

Sermon: Making the Connection – Earth Day

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister & Joy Berry, Director of Lifespan Religious Education
Day by day science teaches us that we are connected to the Earth and each other in ways we had never before anticipated. This multigenerational Earth Day will celebrate those connections, some of which might surprise you. Click on the title to listen…

Sermon: Crafting Our Credos (audio only)

Members of “Building Your Own Theology” Class
To nurture the individual search for meaning an Adult RE class, Building Your Own Credo, explored together the ethics, theological perspectives on Ultimate Reality, Unitarian Universalist writings, and values that help us discern meaning and underlie our beliefs. Today members of the BYOT class will present their credos written from this exploration. Click on the sermon title to listen.

Sermon:Building a New Way (audio only)

Building a New Way
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
Several years ago the Quaker writer Parker Palmer spoke of the need for “healing the heart of democracy.” It was as if he looked ahead to the divisive and tumultuous election season we are living through now. Today we explore how people like us who celebrate and cherish democracy might be a part of that healing. Click on the sermon title to continue.