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Creativity is simply our ability to dream things up and make them happen. ~Peggy Taylor

Amen. It is about dreaming and imagination. It is about being able to envision what others haven’t. It is about noticing connections that haven’t been drawn. Even connections between us and the earth, and us and each other. To be a people of creation is indeed to dream the “not yet.
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Sermon: Awakening (text & audio)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
Every religious tradition has its foundational stories, tales that neatly sum up some central message at its heart that invites the hearer into the faith. Just so, is the story of John Murray that you heard Joy tell earlier. Click on the sermon title to listen or read more.

Sermon: Solace in Solitude (text & audio)

Sunday, March 13
Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
Part of what a spiritual life gives us is the capacity to find peace and even comfort in time on our own. We’ll explore some of the dimensions of welcoming and even finding solace in those moments of solitude in our lives. Click on the sermon title to read more and/or to listen.

Sermon: Transient & Permanent (text & audio)

March 6, 2016, Rev. Mark Ward
What is or ought to be the concern of religion? A century and a half ago the Unitarian preacher Theodore Parker ignited a fierce controversy over his answer to that question, and it remains with us still. We’ll spend some time with it this week, and even draw in some of what I learned on my recent trip to Cuba. Click on the sermon title read more and/or to listen.