Monthly Archives: May 2015


Be careful this month. The theme of delight is deceptive. One could easily see this is a way to end the year “on a light note.” But there’s deep work for us to do with this topic.

It’s hard to believe that our Unitarian Universalist fore-bearers had to fight for delight. Over the years–and continuing today–there have been many religious systems that begin with the idea that this world is broken, a place of misery and pain, toil and struggle. Our job is to survive it, indeed transcend it, through sacrifice, confession of our own brokenness, and an industrious Protestant work ethic. Delight was reserved for a time far off, a heaven granted to those who earned it. Click on the title (DELIGHT) to continue reading…

Sermon: Fake It ‘Til You Make It (text & audio)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
It was the summer after my first year in seminary, and I was sitting at the bedside of a man roughly my age who had just undergone heart bypass surgery. I had never met this man before. His room was merely on the floor that I had been assigned to as a hospital chaplaincy student. Seminary training generally requires that each student take a unit in what is called “clinical pastoral education” to help them prepare for the visits they’ll be making as ministers later on. This was mine. Click on the title to continue reading and/or to listen…

Sermon: Staying Open (text & audio)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
When times are hard, the first response that many of us make is to withdraw or close down, to find a way to remove ourselves from the conflict or difficulty. But often the healthiest thing we can do is to do our best to stay open and available, to accept the pain that we’re feeling and let it guide us to deeper way of being. Click on the sermon title to read and/or listen…