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The Scoop: Grow With Us!

We’ve been getting noticed! UUA staff has requested permission to share some of what we are doing here at UUCA in Religious Education with the wider world. Our Grow With Us teacher recruitment board for Fall, in Sandburg Hall, is now shared on the UUA website. And our Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Joy Berry,
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Sermon: Counting on Chaos (text & audio)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
My wife, Debbie, has begun a new practice when we go out on our walks. Periodically, she’ll just stop and jump. She’s not jumping over or onto anything in particular – just jumping, for the sake of jumping. She started this after reading that she might be able to reduce the gradual loss of bone mass in her hips and legs by mildly stressing them in this way. Just jumping something like 20 times a day, it seems, can halt the loss of bone density – something that is a particular concern for women – and in some cases even improve it. Click on the title to read more and/or to listen…