Monthly Archives: February 2015


When did we decide that resilience was a solo project?

It’s not that we ever consciously decided that this was the case. It’s just what we’ve been taught. The dominant culture around us may be well intended, but it takes us down the wrong path. “Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps,” it says. “You’re stronger than you think.” “If it first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This is how resilience is most often framed: It’s all about individual mental toughness and inner strength. Click on the title (RESILIENCE) to continue reading…

The Scoop: Holiday Giving Changes Lives

During the holiday season this year, we did a lot of giving here at UUCA! We’re happy to report that there were many successful opportunities for generosity. In addition to our regular Share-the-Plate collections, we helped our neighbors to have gifts, gave donations to worthy organizations instead of material gifts, and we collected food and
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