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What is the opposite of loneliness? Is it belonging? Our theme for November is Belonging. What does it mean to be a person of belonging? What does it mean to have a sense of belonging? Belonging has been named as one of the three great human needs, along with autonomy and competence. The strength of your sense of belonging is inextricably related to your identity and self-acceptance. This month, we’ll focus on cultivating a sense of belonging in human community and in the universe. Click on the title to continue reading…

Five Happy Things (audio)

Todd & Meg Hoke, Guest Speakers
Each of us struggles with difficult passages in our lives. In more than 25 years working in end-of-life care, Todd and Meg Hoke have worked through a process to help us find the positive even amidst sadness and pian. Meg is Clinical Service Manager for Hospice of the Carolina Foothills and Todd is a nurse at Elizabeth House, a hospice in Hendersonville. Click on the title to listen.

The Scoop: Rev. Lisa’s Installation

September 13, 2014 was an historic day for UUCA. That’s the day the congregation installed its very first Associate Minister! It was a worship service, a celebration, a solemn ritual and a meaningful event for all who attended. Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper was hired as our first full-time assistant minister in July 2011. As part of
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