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We talk a lot in UU circles about becoming something new. We are a “progressive religion.” We have faith that the arc of the universe bends towards justice and a new day that better for all of us. We believe in unfolding and evolving truth. Click the title to continue reading…

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After Ferguson: Entering the Wilderness (audio)

Taryn Strauss, Guest Speaker
Our only Universalist miracle story, that of the Rev. John Murray and the winds of change, begins with the extreme discomfort of a man steeped in doubt and personal loss. In the book of Numbers, Moses faces severe doubt that he can care for his people after bringing them into the Wilderness. Each of us works to find comfort, a sense of safety and protection from danger, but that keeps us out of the wilderness. What can the wilderness teach us? Click on the title to listen to the sermon.

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The theme for September is PROMISE
What Does It Meant To Be A People of Promise?
There is power in a promise. Maybe the greatest power of all. This is arguably the most foundational claim of our faith. It is common for UUs to say we were born inherently good and powerful rather than inherently weak and depraved. What is not so common is remembering that this capacity for strength and goodness is rooted in our ability to make promises. Whereas other religious traditions focus on confession or right belief, we’ve always placed our hope in the act of making and keeping commitments. (Click on PROMISE to continue reading.)

The Power of Promise (text & audio)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
How are you with promises? I mean, not only how are you at keeping your promises, but how are you at making them, too?

I think that generally I’m pretty good at keeping promises. I try to think about the commitments I make and attend to them, though I mess up sometimes. Just this past week an error I made in keeping my calendar resulted in someone cooling her heels in our church office while I scrambled get in. Click on the sermon title to continue reading and/or to listen.