Monthly Archives: August 2014

Who Are We? Whose Are We?

Asheville Playback Theatre, Guest Presenter
Questions of identity and connection underlie everything we do as a congregation. This week Asheville Playback Theatre will help us frame some of our thoughts and feelings around this. In their productions, Playback solicits stories from its audience and then transforms them into performance pieces that honor the stories as personal events and also as moments representing shared experience.

Walking Towards Trouble (text & audio)

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper
Every year at our annual General Assembly, the Ware Lecture is the inspiring keynote speech, a highlight of the gathering for sure. This year’s speaker was Sister Simone Campbell, known for her support of living wages, immigrant rights, and the Affordable Care Act, among many other issues. She is one of the Nuns on the Bus. If you watch the video of her speech, which I encourage you to do if you haven’t already, you will notice that the UU convention audience is moved to cheers and applause throughout Sister Simone’s remarks. Click on the sermon title to read more and/or to listen.