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Promise-Making, Promise-Keeping (text & audio)

READING Click here to read “Directions” by Billy Collins SERMON “Do you promise?” The question always catches our granddaughter for a second: then her reply, with a sober expression framing her big brown eyes: “Yes, I promise.” The request is never anything of particularly great moment – thankfully her life is not yet that complicated
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For December I return to the source we started with to get us thinking about themes for this year: the 2005 graduation address at Kenyon College by novelist David Foster Williams. In that speech, you’ll recall, he argued that to find fulfillment and live with compassion we need to move away from entrenched habits of that only serve ourselves. To do that, he said, “means being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention to and to choose how you construct meaning from experience.” So, choosing to choose means being conscious of the fact that we are choosing. We are aware that there are choices before us, and we own the choices we make…

December Newsletter

UUCA Connections, our monthly newsletter, includes service descriptions, columns from the Minister, Board of Trustees President, the Director of Lifespan Religious Education and the Assistant Minister. It also includes upcoming events, timely articles, and one page that is devoted to our Earth & Social Justice Ministry discussions and program offerings. Read Rev. Mark Ward’s column
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Staying Put (text & audio)

I have to say it’s been interesting hearing people’s reactions to this week’s sermon title. “Staying put, huh?” I wouldn’t say the response has been entirely positive. Viewed from one perspective, “staying put” sounds a bit like “being stuck,” a kind of hide-bound view of the world that is stubborn and inflexible. We live in
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