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Caution: Perishable (text & audio)

Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
I’ve been a gardener for as long as I can remember. It was a passion I picked up from my father, who, despite a busy career as a psychiatrist, always managed to be cultivating something. Digging in the dirt was a good antidote to the heady work of his day job, as it is for me. His gardens, though, would wax and wane depending on how much time and energy he had to devote to them, and I’ve found that’s true of me, too. (Click on the sermon title to continue reading.)


The theme for November is AUTHENTICITY

The quality of state of being authentic, reliable ; genuineness. Authentic implies trustworthiness, stressing that the thing considered is in agreement with fact or actuality.

The poet Walt Whitman may have made the most dramatic declaration on the topic of authenticity when he wrote, “I celebrate myself.” Or perhaps it was Sammy Davis, Jr., when he sang, “I gotta be me.” For many people, the tug of authenticity is what sets them on a religious search. The family faith of their childhood, or perhaps the absence of a deeper sense of context in their lives, has left them dissatisfied. It just doesn’t ring true, or it somehow feels hollow. They’re looking for something more, but it needs to feel right. It needs to connect with their sense of their own best selves, of how the world works, of where they find meaning in their lives. Click on the title to keep reading.

November Newsletter

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