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From Promise to Commitment (text & audio)

Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper, Assistant Minister
I have always held that the message of Unitarian Universalism is strong and powerful and it is relevant to our troubled and broken world. The healing potential of this faith is great and it is simple, and it is imperative that we take it outside the walls of our churches. We have a unique and powerful gift: We are poised to bless the world because the wide-reaching arms of our progressive religious community are flexible enough to stretch around the questioners, the seekers and the unbelievers! The wide-reaching arms of our progressive religious community are strong enough to hold even those who do not believe as we do. This is the promise of our tradition – this is its potential…

A Precarious Right (text & audio)

Kara Powell & Rev. Mark Ward, Lead Minister
About four months ago, I knew my senior year of high school was just lurking around the corner. I had to start deciding what my senior project topic should be. Struggling between numerous controversial issues that I cared about, I finally decided that my project would be on the separation of church and state. I’ve always been interested about this issue, and learning about different Supreme Court cases in class just wasn’t enough for me…..

August Newsletter

UUCA Connections, our monthly newsletter, includes service descriptions, columns from the Minister, Board of Trustees President, the Director of Lifespan Religious Education and the Assistant Minister. It also includes upcoming events, timely articles, and one page that is devoted to our Earth & Social Justice Ministry discussions and program offerings. Read Rev. Mark Ward’s column
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